A P R I L | W I S H L I S T

A P R I L | W I S H L I S T

April is around the corner and also is my birthday! Because of these two reasons I made a wishlist! Not because I would like to receive these things (If I do, no problem 😉 ) but I did it just to remember to myself what I like and if I have some money to spend I will spend it on these things and not on other stuff I don’t need!!

  1. I need a make up bag! I’m not a beauty guru at all. I just put basic make up on every day (basic for me is a black eye pencil/I hate eyeliner, mascara and lip balm.. that’s it!). I don’t use foundation but I use bb cream and light things only when I go out somewhere fancy. I’m lookig for a clear and large bag and the only one I saw online is on “KiKo Milano”.
  2. Am I the only one that is seeing white t-shirts with red quotes on them? I want one as well!!!
  3. I need a bag and I I have noooo idea which bag I would like. I usually use black bags because they go with everything but I’m thinking of buying one in another colour… any suggestions!?
  4. As I said before I don’t have a looot of make up. One piece of make up that I would like to try is from Kylie Jenner and it’s one of the Matte Lip Kits! 
  5. I need a pair of (pointed) flat shoes/ballerinas or loafers and I saw a couple on “Asos” and “& Other Stories” that I like a lot so probably I’ll buy myself a pair online because I can’t find anything that I like in shops.. probably I’m not even looking around myself very much!
  6. I love lingerie but it’s sooo expensive. I usually buy things from “Tezenis” but (there is a but!) I am craving to buy myself something from the online shop “For Love & Lemons” but is sooo bloody expensive!!!! “& Other Stories” has fantastic lingerie as well and it’s cheaper 😉 We’ll see!

The only things I really-really need at the moment are just the make up bag and a bag. I also need an Iphone case but I have no idea where to get it! Do you reccommend any shops?!
I think I wrote everything… As soon as I buy a make up bag and bag I will do a “What’s in my make up bag” and “What’s in my bag”!!! 

Have you got a wishlist?! 




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