Sometimes I need to have a bath. Most of the times is because I had a stressfull day or week or I’m not feeling great!
It helps me relax and think better.. As I am not a fancy beauty blogger and I don’t live by myself I don’t put candles around and I don’t have any Lush bath bombs I just use a normal Bath Cream and at the moment I’m using one by “Tesori d’Oriente” which is very vey nice and bubbly as well.

I love long and very hot baths.. Because I don’t have a book to read I go on Pinterest on my phone and spend 10-15 minutes on that.. it helps my creativity and it inspires me.
Yesterday night I used for the first time the “Clearing Solution” Mask that I bought from Sephora in Milan.. when I’ve put it on it felt amaziiiiing it was fresh and cool and relaxing. I left it there for 15 minutes (it says 10-20 minutes on the package) and I was sooo relaxed!

When I took the mask off I thought it worked a bit, I can’t say that it worked amazingly but it worked… so ..great! My skin felt very tight and fresh!

I would like to buy more masks and beauty products but there are so many of them that I don’t even know where to look!! I definitely want to try the charcoal mask! Have you tried it?

What do you do to pamper yourself!?





    • annalis1
      02/12/16 / 1:29 pm

      Thanks Finja! Happy December to you too and nice blog by the way 😉

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