Hello everyone I hope you’re having a great start of the week!

Usually monday it’s a start day like “On Monday I’ll start a diet” “On Monday I’ll start excercising” “On Monday I’ll start this” “On Monday I’ll start that”..

I think I have said 10million times the same thing “On Monday I’ll start dieting and excercising”.. and or I didn’t or I did start and then I’d quit..

I’m 22 years old and I made myself go on hundreds and hundreds of diets, pills, creams, excercises.. I think I tried everything and I know I’m not the only one..

I never had a huge body confidence, I have some (now!) before (3 years ago) I didn’t have any body confidence, I didn’t like my body (I hated it), I didn’t like to watch at my body at the mirror, I was afraid of weighin’ myself.. yes.. I went to weigh myself every single day (like now) to not weigh myself because I was afraid of the number that’d come out..

I know I’m not the only one with this fear and with these thoughts!

When I was younger I had eating disorders, I have them now as well but not every single day as in the past.. I’m working on them and it’s difficult and also I think that I will have them all of my life..
I probably had/have body dysmorphia as well.. and it’s not great..

During the last year (2016) I lost approximately from 5 to 8 kgs.. Do I see myself different in the mirror!? No..
Sometimes if I wake up and feel good I see myself and I feel good and I think “Oh I lost some weight then!” Somedays (most of them) I look at myself in the mirror and can’t see the changes and it lets me down so much..

I don’t want to put my weight and my height online but if I did people’d say “You’re not fat” “You don’t have any problems” “You’re good!”.. I don’t feel good.. It’s complicated to explain and I hope some of you can relate to what I’m writing..

Anyway body confidence it’s one of my goals, I don’t want to have the same problems all over again.. I would like to eat and don’t feel shit during and after.. I would like to start my day saying “I’m beautiful”… and I start today because it’s monday, if you have the same problems please start with me.. I will write my progress on body confidence and I hope you will write the same..

I don’t want to write or that anyone writes their weight and height.. it’s not about that because you can be confident even if you weight more than a certain weight (look at those confident plus models!)..

I hope I made myself clear enough.. I will write another post about body confidence in a couple of days so stay tuned and if you have any questions or something to say comment down below or contact me privately!

I wish you a very nice start and a very nice monday!




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