Am I the only one that when goes into Sephora can’t get out without not buying something?!
As you know (or not!) I’m not at all a beauty guru!! AT ALL! I love beauty products and stuff like that but it’s not my thaaang 😉
Anyway I went in and…..went a bit mad (ops). 
I love masks and always want to try different ones and see which ones are the best! So yes I bought a few and can’t wait to try them on!! 
I probably will write down my thoughts about each one! (Stay tuned!)

It’s quite a stressfull month because I’m getting prepared to move out! I’m moving back to London at the end of the month and I can’t wait but it’s fucking stressfull!! I had some pimples during last week which usually doesn’t happen (this is to tell you how much I’m stressed at the moment!).
I will write all of the london things in another post!

Anyway I hope that these amaaazing masks can help me relax and clean my skin!

Have you got any masks or beauty products you recommend or usually use when you are stressed out?! 
Let me know down below or in private 😉

I hope you are having an amazing week!




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