In a week I am moving back to the crazy expensive London again!
I lived in London twice already, once for 6 months and the second time for a year. If you live in London or have lived there you know how hard it is.
Both my experiences were really hard for different personal reasons.
You will be thinking “Why are you going back there even if you had hard times?” – Great question!

I am going back there for different reasons:
I currently live in Italy and don’t like it a lot (at the moment) – I love the weather (not at the moment ’cause it’s shit), I love the sea and I’m going to miss it soooo bad, I have my family here which also I’m going to miss but nowdays London it’s just a couple of hours by plane so we can see us easily. I’m going to miss the food but my boyfriend and I can cook and so there’s no problem and I will miss the chilled and relaxed lifestyle.
Living in Italy is also hard. Public transports are shit, there’s not a lot going on if you live in small towns, I don’t like the narrow mentality and sometimes Italians can be a bit ignorant in some ways.
My boyfriend and I need to have a lifestyle change. Carrier wise first of all. Being just 23 you want to also have fun and London is the best place even if it’s stressful as fuck! ¬†We both have a creative mind and we don’t get inspired as much here.
London can give you a lot and it’s the best experience to learn everything from carrier stuff to personal things.
So yes these are a couple of reasons why we are moving back there for minimum a year. And then we will see! Life can change in a day so we can’t plan everything!

I am quite anxious because I?ve been there twice and came back twice so I have a lot ot pressure on my back.
As I lived there already I know what to do, what not to do, where to go etc. etc. so I feel more confident and it feel like a second home.

I really can’t wait to go there and start another chapter of my (our ) life.




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