Preparing and organising everything and move out to go to live in London it’s kinda crazy and stressful as fuck sooo to relax myself a bit and help my skin I tried a couple of products from Sephora.

One is the ” TonyMoly Egg Pore nose pack package ” which are pore strips that clear out blackheads! It worked but not amazingly.. it took off the white (not the black) heads and not all of them!

And then the other day I tried for the first time the ” Earth Beauty Mud Mask Sheet (deep clean mud peeling also from TonyMoly “… you have to put it on for approximately 45 minutes and my skin at the end was clean, fresh  and tight!!! So I reccomend it a lot! If you have time and want to pamper yourselves try it!!

Anyway as I said before organising everything it’s quite difficult and I wrote a guide for you that are thinking of going to London!!!!

Here you are what you need to do if you want to move London (if you are a eu citizen!):

• Buy your ticket!!! Do it! Don’t be afraid!
• Plan an accommodation for the first couple of weeks or the first week.. via or I reccomend you stay in a flat so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in cafes and restaurants!
• A couple of days before departing for your big adventure send some messages on to view some rooms while you are there!! 
• Have fun, enjoy your first days, view some rooms and choose your accommodation!
• Get an english telephone number and after you have the accommodation open a uk bank account!
• Book an appointment to get a national insurance number! You need it if you want to work!
• Find a job!

…. and that’s it! These are the main things you have to do!

Hope that it helps someone around the world that will love to move out to London!!




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